Available for the Indy R2000, the Indy reader chip development kit provides the necessary hardware, protocol firmware, programming tools, radio drivers, and schematics to enable easy integration of RAIN RFID technology into your next application. The Indy development platform allows for evaluation and development leveraging a high-performance, low power, high data-rate and highly configurable embedded RAIN RFID single chip reader. In addition to its use as a development platform, this kit offers a module-like, low-cost reference design.


The Indy RS500, RS1000, and RS2000 reader SiPs (system-in-package) are your first step towards developing an embedded RAIN RFID reader. These completely integrated readers in small surface mount packages build on the market-leading Indy reader chip technology. The kit enables developers with all the components needed to evaluate the Indy SiPs and prototype their embedded RAIN RFID reader. Simply connect DC, UART communication, and an antenna to start reading tags.

Monza X

Monza X chips bring intelligent embedded RFID to devices. You can use the Monza X Development Kit for rapid prototyping and leverage the Monza X Software API to build your applications. The Monza X devlopment kit includes: two Monza X (Monza X-2K and Monza X-8K) development boards, platform-independent C library and sample application, and 10 chips each of Monza X-2K Dura and Monza X-8K Dura.

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