Gartner Market Guide for Smart Robots in Retail

The COVID-19 crisis has accelerated digital transformation trends that were already in motion, with the next 12 to 24 months demonstrating an irreversible shift toward increased automation across different industries. One way this will manifest in retail is through the growing implementation of smart robot technology. As with all nascent markets, there are challenges mixed in with the opportunities.

This Gartner report is no longer available through our site, but you can read our blog summarizing the report to learn:

  • How Gartner defines a smart robot and how they function in different retail environments
  • Strategies for identifying the best opportunities for smart robot applications in your business
  • Methods and use cases for how to choose the right smart robot for your business
  • The ways smart robots are solving for fulfillment, dark stores, and more
  • What the next phase of the “digital workplace” looks like and how to determine the optimal human-machine mix

Check out our blog Smart Robots, Impinj, and the Future of Retail Happening Now to learn more!

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Read our summary for marketing predictions like…

By 2024,

Tier 1 retailers in North America and Europe will have reduced inventory carrying costs by 30% to fund ongoing digital transformation.

By 2025,

at least two of the top 10 global retailers will establish robot resource organizations to manage nonhuman workers.

By 2025,

10% of retailers will be utilizing digital twins within their enterprises to forecast performance and optimize productivity of processes, machines, organizations, environments or people.

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