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Impinj connects every thing to the IoT. Learn more about how companies are using RAIN RFID:

  • Automotive: Manufacturers, including Volvo, are changing the way machines and humans work.
  • Aviation: Airlines and airports, including Delta Airlines, are optimizing baggage handling operations, improving passenger experience, and reducing bag mishandling costs.
  • Healthcare: Hospitals, including NHS Trust, are improving care, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency with better management of assets and inventory.
  • Sports and entertainment: TopGolf uses RAIN RFID to track and measure golf drives, delighting customers with new experiences.
  • Supply Chain and Logistics: Supply chain and logistics companies automate processes and gain valuable insights to help them cut costs and speed up their operations.
  • Retail: Retailers, including Walmart are transforming their businesses, by improving omnichannel fulfillment, streamlining operations, and enhancing customer service.

Together with our partners, we’re driving efficiencies, reducing waste, enabling the circular economy, and ultimately improving peoples’ lives.

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