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Unlocking new IoT device opportunities

The new Impinj RAIN RFID reader chips and partner-built reader modules enable device manufacturers to easily embed high-performance RAIN connectivity into IoT devices that are smaller in size and consume less power, to support current and emerging use cases.

  • Impinj E910 reader chips are designed for high-performance enterprise-grade readers used in portals, conveyors, and warehouse transition use cases with densely packed items and movement at high speeds.

  • Impinj E710 reader chips are designed for high-performance handheld readers and fixed readers in shelves, cabinets, and conveyors enabling real-time inventory and asset tracking.

  • Impinj E510 reader chips  are designed for point-of-sale devices, mobile and wearable readers, smart appliances, and connected consumables.

  • Impinj E310 reader chips are designed for cost-effective printers, kiosks, and security and access management systems.

Browse the range of Impinj partner products built on Impinj reader chips or contact our team to learn more.

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